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Wire stripper

There are many kinds of wires that wire strippers can be used on. It includes electrical wires like those are used in speakers, home wiring systems, or toys like remote control cars. The wires may be made up of any material, from copper to aluminum to fiber optic materials.
Wire strippers enable workers, and persons, to cut the protective coating off an electrical wire in purpose of repairing or replacing most wires, and they also considered an inexpensive purchase for professional electricians.

What is the wire stripper? Wire stripper is a handy tool that is designed to cut and remove the insulation of the electric wire without damaging the solid wire inside, and of course this applied for a predetermined distance from the end of an insulated wire.
In addition, it stripped the end portions of the electric wires so that those bare ends can contact with terminals or other wires.

Two kinds of wire stripper
(1) Manual wire strippers
it is the most versatile type of wire stripper, and in this type , you just have to rotate it around the insulation with pressuring in order to make a cut around the insulation, then you can pulls it off to the end of the wire.

(2) Automatic wire strippers
it simultaneously grips the wire from one side and cuts and removes the insulation from the other, just putting the wire in the jaws and squeeze the handle, the advantage of this kind of wire strippers is allowing even a novice to strip most wires very quickly, but on the other hand, the disadvantage that automatic wire strippers only work on wires that have a certain size range. If a wire is too small it may be broken by the pulling force, and if a wire is too large it will not fit in the jaws.

Features of the Wire Stripper
Because the holes are smaller than the diameter of the plastic coating, the cutting edge on the inner part of the holes will slice away the coating.
At any size of wires, either too thick or too thin, it cannot be cut with the wire stripper.
Wire strippers are always having a wire cutter too.

How to Use a Wire Stripper
Electrical tools are always can be predicted, because nothing is left to chance. It's the same idea with using a wire stripper:

1. Measure the gauge of your wire.
2. Match the gauge from the previous step with the appropriate hole on the wire stripper.
3. Open the wire stripper handles. "Seat" the wire into one side of the hole.
4. Press slowly on the handles together until they can go no farther.
5. Rotate the wire within the hole gently.
6. Pull off the "cut" end of the wire casing.

Some technical details on wire strippers
  • These tools have a lot of various shapes and sizes, they made out of steel and feature serrated teeth for optimal wire stripping.
  • Its Handles can also be curved or straight and they are usually cased in a rubber coating for allowing a secure grip.
  • Self-adjusting pairs are also available for accommodating cable thickness quickly when squeezed.